Monday, June 11, 2012

The Return To Form

I will admit that the decision to not race this season has had a negative effect upon my training. Without the pursuit for better cycling personal bests(at both the club and race levels) I have been quite lax in terms of training.

I should clarify that last point by saying quite lax in terms of bicycle training. Since ball hockey has become my primary focus this year I have concentrated more upon strength training, core work and, recently, a return to sprinting and sprint intervals.

I have become more of a cycle commuter as opposed to competitor and my time on the road bike has focused more upon the fun social aspect of club cycling. The bike has become more utilitarian in nature but my daily commute offers me some fasted training opportunities. That combined with my continued Primal way of eating and intermittant fasting regimen has leaned me out but also added back some of the bulk I lost the last couple seasons trying to become a skinny arsed road racer.

I managed to get down to about 194 pounds last August and have since re-gained 10 pounds but it feels like a good weight gain. I still feel lean but stronger which is a feeling I'm enjoying. It has been the return of the hockey body. I have good endurance on the floor, am stronger on the ball,in the slot and on the forecheck. My core strength has never been stronger and my mid section is beginning to show some detail. Maybe I can achieve some measure of Spartan abs even at 49?A work in progress.

Despite my upper back and neck subluxation issues I have been able to work upon my chest, arms and shoulders this winter using basic body weight exercises(pushups, chinups and planks) and free weights.Wrestling my heavy MTB up the hills to Clayton Park every day has also helped strengthen the whole body. My chest has garnered the most attention of late and is beginning to show some improvement......can't beat the classic pushup. I hate them but they are effective.

It is a return to form for me. I think a weight of  205 pounds is near an optimal number for me and where nature and genetics wants me to be for optimal health, wellness and strength. It just feels right....plain and simple.

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