Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Up With Geo?

Been awhile since I have updated the blog so here is a catchup post. Been a crazy busy couple weeks that included a weeks vacation and my son's graduation from highschool.

Highlights include getting my new orthotics. I'm quite excited to put them through the paces to see if they will facilitate me getting back to my running/sprinting regimen. With ball hockey winding down it is perfect timing for getting back on on the trails.

Snagged myself a great deal on Kijiji picking up an older set of Heaton 33 inch senior goalie pads in very good condition. I'm loving the new pads and after a couple games am already adjusting to the difference in height and weight.

Josh has graduated high school and attended both his prom and ceremony. This comes on the heels of finally getting a job and, based upon getting extra shifts, is doing quite well. I already see an improvement in his maturity and responsibility.

It was quite a surprise to discover at the graduation ceremony that he actually made the Honour Roll in the class of 2012. Go figure? We are quite proud of him.

In between all this I managed to get down to Bridgewater to help Mother landscape her property in town that was jungle like in overgrowth. Three hard days of stoop manual labour meant that the yard was trimmed, pruned, cut, leveled, raked and mowed. Looking much better.

Heading into July I hope to get back running and increase my time spent on the bike. I have heard from my claims adjuster that things are getting finalized from my accident last October. I now have visons of cyclocross bikes dancing in my head. Probably the best option for me it will enable me to commute, ride groomed trails, race cross in the Fall and be an all weather training bike. Put simply a CX bike is just a great versatile ride.

Intermittant fasting remains my WOE of choice but I admit I have fallen off the Paleo/Primal wagon to a certain degree. Time to get my diet clean again with a focus on my core foods; meat, fish, tubers,(high fat) dairy and veggies.

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