Monday, July 02, 2012

Around The Basin And On Target

After a sunny Canada Day, albeit with far too much drink, I chased away the cobwebs this morning with a solo ride around the Basin. Comprising about 50 kilometres the loop takes one through Bedford, Waverley and into Dartmouth. Crossing the MacDonald bridge via the bike lane one returns to Halifax.

It is one of my favorite rides especially since much of the Waverley road heading into Dartmouth has recented been repaved. Without the need to pay attention for potholes and ruts one can enjoy the twisting rollers at speed while still enjoying the lakeside scenery. This ride is made possible by the bike lane addition to the bridge. While cycling infrastructure in Halifax is rudimentary at best it is improving and the bike lane is well appreciated.

Nice to see the mapeleaf still flying proudly upon the span. In fact the Canadian flag was seen in abundance around the loop. Us Canucks are not chest thumpers but we are damn proud of this nation.

Home to watch the final 30 kilometres of stage two of the TdF before heading out to the woods for some archery practice. The looming black clouds were ominous as were the cracking of distant thunder so I expected to get rained upon. After the scorching hot weekend weather we needed some precipitation.

My archery skills are improving.I expanded my range distance out to 30 yards through some landscaping and for a challenge I attempted loosing arrows at the target through fairly thick cover from about 20 yards. My accuracy,even in the tight confines of the underbrush, was a welcome surprise with some fairly tight groupings. I guess it is all about practice.

 It has been a great Canada Day long weekend.Got out on the bike, commenced my running/sprinting regimen, hung out with friends and got in some archery practice. The thunderstorms have passed and the sun is back out so it is off to the deck with the last Sleeman's and striploin steak.

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