Monday, July 23, 2012

Mixed Bag Weekend

It has been a real cornicopia of activities this July weekend. The weather has been hot and sunny - ideal weather for getting out and being active. It is all about moving the body.

It began with some barefoot sprinting after work on Friday to usher in two days of leisure. Saturday morning I participated in the BPCC club ride. Headed out to Fall River in a moderately paced group but then jumped into a faster squad out to Laurie Park and back to Bedford. Legs responded well considering I was feeling the Friday night sprints in the quads. Good solid pacelining in both groups made for a fun morning on the bike.

I was hoping to get back on the bike for a Sunday morning cycle but both club associated rides were of a longer distance(100+km) with one also being at a faster tempo. Since I had a ECBHL playoff game at 8PM I figured it was wise to conserve a little for ball hockey. The summer season had been a tight knit affair but we were facing the first placed squad. We beat them in an earlier meeting but they will be bringing their A game. We need a strong effort in net and on defense in hopes of pulling the upset.

As a result I took advantage of the morning to do some yard and garden work. My lillies have bloomed and my raspberry bushes are producing some fruit.

Caught the conclusion of the TdF after a morning of digging in the dirt. Team Sky certainly kicked some chamois this year. Solid effort by Wiggins and the whole squad. Inspired by the race coverage, especially my fav rider Jens Voigt who attacked (again) on the final stage, I decided to go for a ride. The afternoon was just too nice not to get outside so to keep myself in check I opted to ride my Norco hardtail. The plan was to just have an easy spin around the streets and trails of the West end.

In an exploring mode I took some side trails whenever I came upon them just to see where they went and checked out the new developments in the area. Buildings are not complete but a network of groomed trail is open for business. Good to see green spaces and trails will remain part of city planning.

Ended my ride-a-bout back at the junior high school soccer field where I ran some easy sprints to keep the legs loose and worked on some core work. Sat awhile in the sunshine and enjoyed the quiet solitude of the day while readying myself for ball hockey playoffs.

The ECBHL game was a real dogfight with the score remaining close right till the end of the third period. Tied after the first period the game see-sawed back and forth with good solid ball hockey into the third. Mid period the Habs opened up a two goal lead and despite our best efforts we were unable to get any closer. I played my usual second line centre - hard on the forecheck and chipped in with two goals, an assist and one cross bar. Nailed it with a snap shot from the slot with about 6 minutes remaining in what could have been a critical goal at that point of the game. Alas we dropped the match 12 -10 and will now play for third place next week in the consolation game.

Looks like I will be back into the goalie gear sooner than I expected. Due to demand ECBH will post a summer season running into early October rather than take a summer break. Goalies are at a premium, however, as a couple of the current netminders may be unable to play. I was approached to play nets and accepted the role if a net minder is required. Should be a good pre season opportunity before my usual Sunday hockey recommences in the Fall.

It was a good weekend but I am feeling the "love" this morning. Elbow is very tender and neck a little wonky after last night's game but the bike commute into work should help clear the Monday morning cobwebs.

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