Thursday, July 05, 2012

A View From The Deck - Rain In The Summertime.

After a supper time run mixed with some sprint intervals I was home to my usual perch on the front deck. For no intended reason I find myself drawn to relaxing in the deck chair with glass of red just watching the world pass by.

The fog moved in and actually felt nice after the humid trail run and once the rain began I popped the umbrella and enjoyed the sound of rainfall on plastic. Is there anymore relaxing sound than that? The city was surprisingly quiet and I began remembering a song from the past.

Been awhile since I heard Rain In The Summertime by The Alarm. Great band that never got the recognition they deserved...long live Wales!

My local murder of crows payed me a suppertime visit looking for a meal. One crow in particular has discovered that a particular perch on a certain street light means he/she is aligned directly with my deck chair.

 No missing their presence now and it always means a feeding. Tonight was peanut butter sandwiches and some tailings off my steak. I love my crows. My daughter jokes that I have finally found true friendship(wink).

Realized that flies love wine. Can't say I disagree with that POV and unfortunately a few met their demise in the liquid embrace of the Noble Grape.

Gotta admit I can think of worse ways to check out if you are a fly.. spider's web, windshield or a swatting. Going under in a sea of red wine sounds almost luxurious....(wink)

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