Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday Morning 40 Yard and Tabata Sprints

Took advantage of the Labor Day holiday to work on my sprinting. Knowing that barefoot/minamalist shoe sprinting places me on the fore/mid foot I was now curious to see how my upper body positioning was at full stride.

I also opted to finish off the sprinting session with some Tabata style barefoot sprints.20 seconds "on" with 10 seconds "off" for a brief recovery. That may not sound like much but they absolutely kick your backside. I sped up the video but you get the point.....begs the question though whether if it is a Tabata protocal or mad cow disease? I usually run the sprints the length of the field rather than in circles but to keep it in frame I had no choice.Circles it was.

Wrapped up the day at the field with some core work including planks. They got some bite as well - especially after a variety of sprints.

Time now to enjoy the rest of the holiday on the deck with some drink and sunshine. Cheers!

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