Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thursday Night Ball Hockey

Fall has officially arrived with the start of Thursday night ball hockey. A small change this season as I will assume of role of full time goalie as we lost one of our usual goaltenders to a new job. Instead he will commit to a full time role in nets on Sunday which means I will then be the backup on Sunday afternoons. That works better for me anyway as I intend to continue to play with the ECBHL which hosts it's games on Sunday night.

I definitely have some rust after the three month summer break out of the nets and it showed on the first night of the new 2012/2013 season. Factor in the new(to me) pads that are bigger( but heavier) than my previous ones and a new mask that will take some time to get used too.At least the fitness was there thanks to a summer of playing in the ECBHL, sprinting and bike commuting/cycling.

I'm really enjoying the game this year. Finding the ECBHL last winter after randomly searching "ballhockey" on Facebook was perfect timing as it filled an "exercise" void having scaled back my cycling, specifically my participation in distance training and bike racing. The ECBHL is fun competitive as is my Thursday/Sunday afternoon pickup ball hockey but adds some structure and team focus. Between the both venues it is going to continue being a ball hockey focused year.

For the love of the game!

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