Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Observations - In The Woods

After the dietary carnage of the last week I spent my Christmas day preparing a traditional meal of roasted turkey and all the fixings. It really is my favorite part of the holidays spending the day at home relaxing with some food and wine.

So it is not a surprise I usually wake on Boxing Day feeling sluggish and achy. There was no exception this morning so I opted to take a hike through the woods since it was a glorious December morning. No wind and moderate winter temps combined with blue sky and sunshine meant I was keen to get some freah air.

In fact the temperatures were surprisingly mild and on sun facing rock ledges there was actually Spring like melt.

That melting did lead to some neat ice formations though.......

There was a dusting of snow cover on the ground and was enough to determine the rabbits were active from all the prints found on small game trails. That said the big bad wolf...ok....coyotes (or dogs) were also around on the hunt. I'm no biologist but they look like canine prints to me?

I love the woods in winter. Not only does the snow cover seem to mute the surrounding world but the color contrasts become so brilliant against a backdrop of white. This shot really caught my eye.....

Passed a couple creeks and some adjacent streams. In the quiet solitude of the woods the sound of running water was like a cacophony of sound. Nature's orchestra I suppose.

The sheer destructive force of nature is amazing. Came upon this massive deadfall tree the apparent victim of a big wind. Still had some greenery on the branches so it must have been fairly recent. Does a falling tree make a sound if no one is there to hear it or is it just part of the forest orchestra?

That said nature can also be an adaptable builder. Came upon this tree growing over a series of boulders along the side of a rocky ledge.

The morning sunshine filtering through the trees felt glorious........reminded me of a Rush song I knew back in the day.

"I turned my face to the sun and closed my eyes before I start off again...."

Regardless where you go there are always reminders. Came upon what seems like a fence or maybe some kind of structure. Made for a neat shot as Nature can destroy, build but also recycle our leave behinds.Reclamation in real time.

It was a good morning in the woods Not only did the crisp air feel revigorating but the chance to move my body in the quiet of the woods felt prime. A perfect remedy for the organized chaos that has been this past week.


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