Sunday, December 02, 2012

Traditional Archery - The Hunt For The Perfect Stump

After a sudden cold snap of late the temps warmed this Sunday so I opted to spend the morning exploring the local woods. The joy of living in Nova Scotia is the proximity of forests and woodlands - even here in Halifax. A short jaunt out to the highways opens the door to numerous powerlines, trails, logging and fire roads.

I figured out rather quickly that side quivers are great for stationary archery in fields or on ranges but can be a royal pain when bushwhacking. Since I want to take advantage of the local woodlands to do some hiking and stump shooting I have decided to purchase a back quiver. It makes tromping through the woods much easier and opens up a vast range to explore while hunting the elusive deadfall and stump.

Literally within walking distance of my home I found all kinds of trails and routes adjacent to the highway. Much is heavily bushed but you can find some real gems like this.....

This was adjacent a network of streams and small ponds. Not much underbrush but a fair amount of deadfall under a canopy of tall softwoods. A perfect spot to hike along while loosing some arrows at a variety of natural targets. Surprisingly little garbage as well considering the closeness of the suburbs.

Been doing renovations on my Mother's house in Bridgewater and after many trips down the 103 this Fall I have seen many potential spots to explore in pursuit of the perfect stump! A work in progress looking for a place to happen.


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