Sunday, June 02, 2013

Barefoot Sprint Season

Is here! We finally got through a miserably wet and cold Spring and were awarded a hot sunny June weekend. Perfect time to begin my barefoot sprinting. Not only does it feel natural but it offers a kick ass workout in a short period of time. I find it so much easier on my body as well in comparison to going for those long slogging  runs. Its all about intensity over distance in my books!

The freshly cut grass felt amazing on the feet.My apologies for the fish belly white legs although there is some colour from yesterdays bike ride.

Started out with some track drills after pacing off about 50 yards and doing a sweep for obstacles like rocks or dog poop. Ran six 50 yard dashes then a set of  Tabata style sprints(20 second sprints/10 second recovery X 8). Finished up with some core work and stretching. Felt real good to be back on the grass(wink).

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