Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Traditional Archery - Learning The Thumb Release


Purchased a leather thumb release glove from 3 Rivers Archery and finally got out to give it a try. It definitely made a huge difference in releasing arrows in the Asian thumb release method. At a third of the cost of a horn thumb ring it is definitely an excellent way to learn the art of the thumb release. It is a beautiful glove made of high quality leather.

Since the arrow is placed on the opposite side of the bow which is different than using the traditional Western three finger release it takes some practice getting your position correct. I have to angle the bow to the right to sight down the arrow when using the thumb but angle it to the left when shooting using a three finger release.

It did not take long before I was consistently hitting my target and the glove was very comfortable - there was no pain nor excessive pressure on the backside of my thumb so I was able to concentrate on my anchor point, release and target.

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