Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Weekend Project - Golden Milk

Having become a fan of ginger root and it's beneficial health properties I discovered (by association) turmeric. Another root indigenous to Southeast Asia it also has numerous wide ranging health benefits and is a staple in Indian cooking and Ayurveda practices.

The easiest way to incorporate turmeric into ones diet is Golden milk. Easy to prepare as a paste using water, turmeric and black pepper it can be stored in the fridge for quick preparations. Add a dollop to milk along with a little coconut oil or ghee, heat to just below the boiling point, add some honey and enjoy the 150 various theraputic qualities of this amazing rhizome and its active ingredient Curcumin.

Update- searching for a non dairy option I discovered So Delicious organic coconut beverage makes an excellent replacement for milk. I also found that adding a dash of vanilla compliments golden milk quite nicely.


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