Saturday, February 07, 2015


With the arrival of winter snows I finally got the opportunity to try out the snowshoes I picked up last Fall. New to the sport I chose a soccer field to get used to the shoes and the gait.

It ended up being surprisingly easy once I got the bindings ratcheted to the proper fit. I actually didn't even need to adjust my stride at all. The benefit of modern shoe design.

Opted to head into the adjacent woods to try out the shoes on undulating wooded terrain. That was fun and the shoes were quite stable traversing through the brush and deeper snow drifts. Climbing was the hardest part and would have been easier had I used the poles.
Had a blast and I am definitely digging the mobility of snowshoes in snow covered woodlands. I love the woods in winter and having snowshoes will definitely make winter hiking far more enjoyable.

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