Monday, May 18, 2015


On a sunny Victoria Day holiday I decided to commence the 2015 sprinting season. Since I did not bike commute this winter and spent most of the ball hockey season in nets the legs feel atrophied and weak. Upper body remained strong as did my core due to weight training this winter so it is time to get the legs up to speed.....pardon the pun.

I prefer barefoot sprinting as it feels natural, forces me to run on the forefoot and just feels so good on the soft cool grass. Until the fields get groomed and manicured wearing sprinting cleats is a great alternative. Extremely light they are hardly noticable.

Why do I sprint? Not only is all about intensity/recovery but sprinting builds strength and muscle. It is an intense full body workout. Google a marathon runner's image then google a track sprinter. Enough said.

Sprinting is also far easier on my body...I tried the running thing....plodding along in heel striking misery. Some people are gazelles and run well- I am not one of them. I suffer to run distance and it wreaks havoc on my back and neck.

Sprinting is a time efficient need to spend hours on the run....30 minutes running sprints with some core work and box/rock/bench jumps and you are golden.

Bench jump

It will kick your backside, crank the metabolism and compliment your other sporting activities. If new to sprinting check out online tutorials on You Tube offering advice on warm-up and technique. Start modestly and focus upon good form.


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