Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Argentinian Wild Caught Shrimp

Yes Geo there is a Santa Claus! Frozen wild caught Shrimp available hereabout at a competitive price. Marketed as Marina Del Ray the prawns are from the cold waters of Southern Argentina and sell for $9.99 but often can be found on sale for $6.99 for a 20/40 count bag.

Able to quick thaw they are delicious and supposedly caught in a sustainable method. I say supposedly as I was unable to locate details online but the "wild" industry are using special nets, GPS depth monitoring(to avoid dredging) and by catch agreements with seafood companies. I can only hope some or all of these are being used with this brand.

Farmed shrimp is nasty.....hard on the environment, raised in ad hoc sewage ponds and full of antibiotics and chemicals. I am pleased to have a more sustainable option.

Remember......you are what you eat. Eat well!


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