Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Pop" Goes The Hamstring

Having started my usual winter of ball hockey I was anticipating the return to the game I love (and have played) forever.

Having some lower back issues back in the early 2000`s I had switched to playing goal as the stop/starting running on a hard gym floor was wreaking havoc on my body. Once I began attending a chiropractor and lost weight (mostly attributed to becoming a competitive road cyclist) I was able to begin playing out as a runner again. I had become a versatile player...as both a runner and goaltender.

Last year I rarely had the opportunity to play out as I left the ECBHL after several seasons and found myself busy in nets for Sunday, Monday and Thursday pickup hockey. I enjoy nets but was missing the chance to get out and compete on the floor.

It was with that frame of mind I was jacked for the start of the 2015/2016 seasons. I signed on to be a full time goalie on Thursday, would tandem nets on Sunday(week in/week out) and play as a goalie/runner spare on Mondays.

Unfortunately it has not been a great start to the season. In my second game as a runner I took a slap shot off my upper hip which has left a very painful and deep hematoma, no doubt complicated by my low platelets. I also experienced some resulting issues with my usual neck/ shoulder and back the day after pounding around on the hard floor.

In my third start last evening as a runner I anticipated a cross floor pass from the opposing defenseman and intercepted the ball. Having chipped it pass the second defenseman I stretched to regain the ball for a breakaway on the net.


I immediately stumbled upon the first twinge of pain and, upon standing, knew it was not a good result. I tried to stretch it out and continued to play for a few more shifts but lacked any jump and was unable to push off with my left leg.


Home to an ice pack and the RICE protocol. All the symptoms of a level two hamstring pull; deep pain just under the glute radiating down to the knee. Stiffness and a lack of mobility.....putting on socks and/or shoes near impossible. I am able to walk but with a shuffle.

I`m now on the IR. Not sure how long it will take to recover but my concern going forward is how well it heals. Hamstrings are notorious for recurring pulls - especially if you return to activity too soon. Not only does it impact my ball hockey but also my gym time and spinning as I have recently rejoined a gym to improve my overall fitness. Damn!

Going Forward?


At 52 I think it is time to accept the reality of my "issues" and retire from playing out as a runner in ball hockey. It simply is just too hard on my body factoring in my platelet problem and skeletal/structural  concerns. I just hope I will be able to continue to play in goal without further hamstring problems...I`m no longer 20 something regardless of what the brain may think.

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