Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Return To Form - The Fixing Of Geo. Part Two- The Plan


Sometimes you just have to wonder about things and whether there is a element of fate to otherwise common occurances? My son decided to join a local gym a month ago as he progressed past the equipment of my limited home gym. Needless to say it was soon thereafter that I got the call from Goodlife offering me a  free week's pass to try out their facility as a referral from Josh. The timing was impeccable.

Why not? I was, at that point, aware of my fitness shortcomings and knew I needed to make changes for the coming winter. I had been a member at that location for a few years when it was Nubody`s and there was a definite attraction to a possible return. It is walking distance from my residence and on my usual bike commute route. The cost of membership was manageable, especially since I decided to limit my wine consumption. I love the Noble Grape but I was consuming too many empty calories. Just by cutting out a minimum of one bottle of wine per week I could cover the cost of the membership.
A visit to the facility sealed the deal and I signed the dotted line. Heading into October I now had access to the gym, complete with a spin class schedule, a variety of cardio/strength training equipment and, most importantly, a motivational atmosphere so lacking from my home gym.


It did not take long before I jumped into my first RPM spin class. I expected it to be tough and it did not disappoint - I definitely felt the love. High intensity cycling, albeit on a stationary bike, was still high intensity cycling and I embraced it like a long lost friend. Felt a little awkward at first getting familiar to the instructor`s terminology and physical cue`s but you get comfortable with time. To date I have four classes behind me and am getting stronger despite dealing with the hamstring/hip injury occurred playing ball hockey.

Strength Training

A modern gym filled with every kind of machine/ free weight systems. Need I say more?


Unlike my exercise patterns my nutrition has remained consistant over the last few years. My diet is actually quite clean (following an intermittent fasting regimen) in comparison to the standard American diet(SAD). As mentioned I do have a fondness for red wine which has added lots of extra calories to my ancestral approach to diet.......I consume moderate carbs (including some grains) while avoiding added sugars and junk foods, some fermented dairy with veggies, greens and proteins - most of which I prefer roasted. Weaknesses include pizza and beer(mostly in the summer) along with the aforementioned red wine. Yeah - I know.

Going forward I`m going to continue practicing daily intermittent fasting (my eat window is usually between 3 pm - 10pm) while focusing upon a cleaner ancestral WOE with a decrease in alcohol consumption and avoidance of refined carbohydrates. It does not a need a lot of attention but rather some housekeeping. Limiting the wine being the main objective as I suspect that was my prime dietary antagonist.

Ball Hockey

I am really going to re-evaluate my participation as a runner in ball hockey. Once you factor in my neck, shoulder and back subluxation issues(I love my chiropractor) and my over pronated gait it may be time to retire from ball hockey as a runner. Pounding around on hard surfaces does wreak havoc on my body but this hamstring injury has changed the game. Whereas before I would be stiff, sore and twisted afterwards this was the first time I actually got injured during the game. Omen of things to come?

I will continue to play goal. It is far easier on my body although I fear this hip/hamstring injury will adversely affect my net minding. I will need to proceed with caution mindful of the hamstring and work on my overall stretching routines.

Time to return to form and get busy.

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