Friday, February 12, 2016

Rum - Goslings Black Seal

Well known to us Maritimers and the mainstay spirit of a Dark n' Stormy is the Gosling's Black Seal dark rum.

 An iconic Bermudian brand I was perplexed by the nose and flavor of the rum upon opening and while sipping neat in the glass. My rum palate is not refined enough to pick up the stewed fruit, spices or hints of liquorice. To me it was a nose best described as a mixed bag......indeterminate yet not unpleasant. I can sip this rum neat.

Over ice I enjoyed the Black Seal more that neat in the glass as the slow melt of the cubes lent some balance to the spirit. Adding some cola definitely produced a pleasant and unique rum and coke that is quite enjoyable. I was unable to pick up a bottle of ginger beer for this post but will at my first opportunity to create the rum's signature drink.....the Dark n' Stormy. Stay tuned......

Update - Black Seal, ginger beer......the Dark n' Stormy.

Rum Fact - first distilled in 1620 by plantation slaves who discovered molasses could be fermented into alcohol.

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