Monday, March 07, 2016

Rum - Appleton Estate Reserve Blend

Picked up this Jamaican offering at the local NSLC primarily due to the sale price of $29.99(CDN), a full four dollars less than it`s usual listing price. In my pursuit of affordable sipping rums I had read some reviews on the Reserve blend so figured it was worthy of a buy despite it being aged in Jack Daniels barrels which would most likely impart a whiskey like finish. Not my favorite result.

I will agree that it does possess a silky mouth feel with hints of citrus, some oak and lots of spice. I find it has a rather smoky finish with a lingering burn that does not suit my personal taste but its far from being unpalatable. It seems this complex blend of twenty rums was designed as a gateway spirit that good as a mixer but can also be enjoyed neat as a sipper. Over ice helps smooth out the spiciness and finish while bringing out some hints of caramel sweetness but, in my opinion, its best enjoyed as a mixer.

Its really a matter of personal preference which is reflected by online reviews that are across the board regarding the Reserve blend. It varies from praise to condemnation with most reviewers somewhere on the middle ground....myself included. Not bad but not one I would enjoy as a sipper if there were other options available at the same price point.

Rum Fact - George Washington was quite the mixologist — he was well known for his Mount Vernon eggnog which he fortified with dark Jamaican rum.

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