Monday, April 11, 2016

DIY Sports Gel

I`m all about coconut oil and have been using it for some years. It has been an integral part of my winter fitness plan for both weight loss and overall health. Not sure what prompted my recent interest in sport gels but I got to thinking one could incorporate virgin coconut oil into a homemade gel or puree.

Sure enough a simple search of the internet via Google and I discovered a DIY recipe.....

Looked dead easy to make with minimal preparation - the overnight soak of the dates the time consuming part. Otherwise pureeing the ingredients in the base mixture took scant seconds using a hand blender. Cost was negligent since I already use coconut oil, sea salt and unpasteurized honey. A box of pitted dates ran me about $4.00(CDN) and should provide enough fruit for several batches.

Placed the mixture into snack sized bags and placed them in the fridge. Done deal. I expect future batches will be used this coming cycling season as my intention is to regain my cycling fitness this summer by logging miles on the road bike. Pop one or two into the jersey pocket and away I go.

Oh yeah......sampled the first one after some HIIT training this past Saturday. The base mixture tastes quite good but one can also add other ingredients to fine tune the puree to their tastes. Next batch will include some banana and, perhaps, some whey protein isolate.

Credit and thanks for Stacey(and sharing online on The Blog).

Health benefits of dates......

Health benefits of coconut oil.....

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