Saturday, April 23, 2016

Strength Training and Archery

Having awoken to a sunny Spring day I opted out of cycling to venture into the woods to loose some arrows. I did have an alterior motive in that I am considering picking up an English longbow. Just not sure what poundage I should get? I want to be challenged but also able to capably draw the bow.

I have a #55 Chinese horse bow that I rarely use anymore as I had struggled with the draw weight the last couple years. That said this winter I rejoined the gym and have begun to strength train to help benefit my other sports; cycling, ball hockey and softball. How would strength gains translate to archery?

The answer was very good. A year ago I struggled to reach my anchor point and fatigued quite quickly using the #55er. Today I easily drew and anchored the bow. Surprised myself at how much improved I was and how strong my upper back, shoulder and left (draw) arm felt.

I will now opt for a heavier poundage when I purchase the longbow, probably in the #55-65 range knowing that my weight training is definitely paying dividends.


For the love of the bow.

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