Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No Ball Playing!

 It was with regret I had to fold my men's slow pitch team at the 11th hour so there will be no ball playing this season. At least in Slugger blue anyway.

 How quickly events can conspire against you. Last Wednesday the league fees were announced and with fifteen guys on the full time roster I felt better about the upcoming season. Last year was a nightmare with a spare`s list in name only as none of them actually played a single game. I managed to fill vacancies through TH who managed to recruit some friends who played in a different league. Without their help we would have forfeited many of our games and those three individuals had accepted my offer to play full time for the 2016 season.

It was with shock that I got an email last week informing me that they were unable to  play for the Sluggers any longer as their original team had been invited to play in our league for this season. I was gutted. Not only did I need them to fill out my roster but they were excellent ball players. With only 12 guys now on my roster, one of whom was dealing with a family situation that may prevent his participation, I made the decision to fold the team one week from the start of the season.

I had no spares and probably only 11 guys. Since I have been running the team we always have guys unable to play week to week. Work, family, vacations and injury meant we would always be short players on any given day.

I will admit that losing the team was frustrating but, in a sense, it was a burden I no longer wanted to carry into 2016 having a shortage of players. The new management of the league strongly suggested they expected a full commitment from all teams, forfeits would be definitely frowned upon and suspension from the league could be a result for repeat offenders. I do not need that stress nor did I want the lads to pay for a season of softball that could be unfulfilling at best or one shortened by forfeits or suspension.

Requiem to the Sluggers. It was fun while it lasted. I can only hope my former players can find positions with existing teams or other leagues. If anyone comes looking for a pitcher I suppose I may get back to the diamond. Otherwise I will spend the summer on my bikes and shooting the bows. 

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