Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tri Laminated English Longbow

Having sold some of my surplus cycling gear and parts I decided to complete my traditional archery collection with the purchase of an English longbow. Traditional archery, especially in a historical context, has always been a favorite subject and nothing speaks history like the venerable longbow.

As an "off the knuckle" archer I had acquired an American flatbow, Hungarian and Mongolian horsebows but was missing a traditional D shaped longbow. Traditionally the best bows were crafted from Yew but it is now a rare and expensive wood. Modern bowyer techniques can reproduce the special qualities of yew through the use of lamination. They still adhere to the rules of the English Longbow Society but are built using modern methods and materials.

Opted to pick up a tri laminated "68" inch longbow from Ebay seller Archery Bowman, an American based bowyer with excellent feedback...

The description is as follows.....

"This bow is made with a touch of recurve giving it much more cast and very little, if any, string follow. Made with a barrel tapered Moso bamboo backing a Jatoba center core and an White Hickory belly. Custom buffalo horn tips, right and left handed  Ipe strike plates, a deer skin and sinew handle wrap and finished with clear polyurethane. Conforms to all specs from the English Longbow Society for Proper Longbows...."

Cost of the longbow along with shipping to Canada came it at about $278 CDN which is very competitive in the longbow market. Unless Canada Post goes on strike(union is currently in labor negotiations) I should have the longbow no later than the second week of August.

Stay tuned........

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