Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mora Knives - Companion and Eldris

Picked up a couple knives for the archery and bush crafting packs from Canadian Outdoor Equipment. Excellent online store with lightning fast shipping.

A couple years ago I purchased a Condor Bushlore via Ebay but decided I needed something with a more durable edge retention. I like the traditional look and feel of the Bushlore but needed something that was simply bombproof.

Enter the Mora "robust" companion. Excellent reviews and a bargain at $28.95 CDN. Yes. It`s a modern knife complete with a rubberized hilt and plastic sheath but with a world renown high carbon steel blade with a (decently) thick spine. Scandinavian grind - razor sharp out of the box. Excellent ergonomics and fits my hand to perfection.

Since COE offers free shipping on orders over $50 I opted to also purchase the Mora Eldris neck knife. Designed for wearing around your neck or in pockets this little blade is quite impressive. Constructed of stainless steel with a grounded spine for use with ferrous rods it`s 59 mm blade is also razor sharp out of the box. It comes in a variety of colors and has a specially designed sheath for use with a lanyard. Excellent emergency backup blade or one well suited to finer work. Despite its small stature with an overall length of 143 mm it fits the hand quite comfortably. I did wrap the grip in black hockey tape for better handling and control.


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