Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rum - Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

It's official.....I'm sailing with the Captain. Picked up a bottle of the spiced black on sale at the NSLC for $27.00 Cdn, two dollars off the list price. I've read some reviews and had put this on my "buy" list for a couple reasons; it is blended with a blackstrap rum and has a cork stopper....two of my rum preferences.

Uncorked the nose out of the bottle is of sweetened vanilla and baking spices. In the glass neat it presents nicely but follows with a spicy finish with some rawness in the throat. Not surprising considering it possesses an alcohol % of 47.3.

In the glass over ice the spicy finish is mellowed somewhat but if the cubes begin to melt I noticed the flavor quickly begins to fade along with the heat. The color of the rum remains visually appealing moving from the black of the bottle into exhibiting burnt copper in the glass.

Mixed with soda to create the classic Captain and coke the rum marries well with the pop to create a pleasant, but sweet, beverage.

Who knew? An affordable blackstrap rum with a good price point that passes as an OK sipper but a great mixer. It has a cork too.......bonus!


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