Monday, May 29, 2017

Rum - Plantation Original Dark

I was quite happy the day I saw this rum shelved as a new listing at the NSLC. The Plantation brand is one of my favorite distilleries so seeing the Original Dark immediately resulted in a Pavlovian response. Better yet it had a price point of $29.99 CDN which fits within my usual rum budget for a 750 ml bottle..

Packaged in a classic saloon style bottle complete with a cork stopper the purchase was a no brainer and off to the checkout I went with a skip and swagger.

The label is very well done with a weathered parchment type of appeal. Lots of information on the fully wrapped bottle that makes a very attractive addition to the rum cart.

Advertised as a blend of Trinidadian and Jamaican pot still rums that is then double aged in bourbon and cognac casks. The result is an excellent sipper or mixer.....

"....that delivers rich warm tones of authentic Caribbean spirit. This well balanced blend is wonderful when sipped on ice. It is also highly recommended for cocktails...."

The nose is subtle and the golden hued spirit has a silky mouth feel with just enough burn to make it enjoyable neat or over ice. I get lost when it comes to the tasting notes - its not smokey like a whiskey rum but its not sweet in a caramel sense either. It is well balanced with notes of banana(?) and maybe just a hint of baking spices.

Makes a nice glass of grog when mixed with sparkling lime spring water and just a splash of cola for a summer inspired beverage.

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