Monday, July 17, 2017

Rum - Sea Fever Spiced

Finally got around to picking up a bottle of this local rum marketed by the Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company Ltd based in Guysborough Nova Scotia.

Packaged in a classic corked bottle it has minimal but attractive labeling with the stopper matching the steel blue color of the label. The clear glass bottle accentuates the straw color of the spirit. With a price point of $35 CDN it is competitive with other mid range rums at the NSLC and West Side Beer Wine and Spirits.

" After oak maturing select Caribbean and Canadian rums....we blend them with fig, aromatic cinnamon, vanilla and a hint of citrus..."

The nose of the rum is of sweetness with strong notes of butterscotch and candy. Believe it or not I sense an essence of bubblegum, the same as that moment you unwrap the gum from the packaging. Upon tasting it has a pleasant mouth feel with a long finish and a nice burn to remind one it is rum despite the candied overtones.

Mixed with some carbonated Perrier water and a splash of ginger ale it makes a refreshing summer deck beverage. I personally prefer it as a sipper, the slow melt of the cubes mellowing out the finish and bringing forth a touch of orange citrus.

This is a nice spiced rum but definitely of a sweeter variety. If you prefer smokier, oaky rums you might find this wanting and rather cloying. That said it is a spiced rum so one should expect a cornucopia of flavors and notes.

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