Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Skinny on Hard Apple Ciders

I consider myself an equal opportunity consumer of fine beverages but my enjoyment of beers and wine has waned of late. I feel bloated when I drink ales and red wine doesn't appeal to me much during summer months.

With the opening of Westside Beer, Wine and Spirits in the neighborhood I purchased a growler intent on occasionally having some local craft beers but was intrigued when I saw they had Bulwark's traditional cider on tap. A sample quickly reassured me that real ciders were not slickly packaged coolers but the real historically accurate beverage of choice for ages.

It's full of sugars I reasoned and will make me fatter. Truth be told it depends upon the apples used in the fermentation and the distilling method. Traditional ciders tend to be dry and relatively low in naturally occurring sugars imparting a tart refreshing hard cider. Be wary of those that say they are an apple flavored beverage as they are often macro produced from concentrates and other added ingredients. Stick to the ones that list apples alone on the label. You might pay a tad bit more but its worth every penny.

Possessing an alcohol content equivalent to the average beer but often half that of wines cider is a perfect summer thirst quencher, is gluten free, possesses a variety of anti oxidants and has no additives. Using local apples its good for NS farmers and the local economy. I suppose it will make me fatter if consumed in excess like all alcoholic beverages will do but I'm jumping, actually leaping, on the hard cider bandwagon.

Variety is the spice, or drink, of life.

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