Friday, February 23, 2018

Rum - Pusser's Rum

Three hundred years of tradition certainly deserves a review but it had to wait until the NSLC reinstated the blue labeled navy rum back upon it's listings.

The famous British naval spirit is a blend of six Caribbean rums offered to sailors as a daily "tot" until 1970 is once again available hereabouts following the Admiralty's original recipe.

Here is a promotional video explaining the naming and history of the rum in the Royal Navy...

A lovely rum it possesses a silky but spicy mouth feel with a nice balance of oak, caramel and a touch of vanilla. A hot finish best mitigated over ice or mixed with two parts water for the traditional grog allotment. Apparently it mixes very well with cola and in cocktails.

At $36 CDN for a 750 ml bottle it is a nice buy for the chance to try the traditional rum of the British navy.

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