Monday, March 21, 2011

My Signature Dish - The Caveman Skillet

 If I have a signature dish that represents what Primal-Paleo-Ancestral-Traditional nutrition means to me it is my caveman skillet. It meets all my requirements; (some) carbs, fat, protein and vegetable.Simple(fast) to prepare, inexpensive and tasty.

  As a single pan dish you fry ground meat(beef, turkey, chicken, pork or lamb) in coconut oil then add in whatever veggies you have or desire. I usually use onions, celery,fresh baby spinach and mushrooms.The secret is broccoli slaw(shredded broccoli, cabbage and carrots)Added last to the stirfry it replaces traditional grain based pastas or noodles but still gives you a pasta/noodle feel to the dish.

 Stirfry together and use whatever spices you want. That is the nice thing about can vary the taste by opting for different combinations of herbs, meats, vegetables and spices. If I use ground lamb then I use rosemary to season the dish. If I use ground turkey summer savory is the herb of choice.With ground beef I prefer oregano.  Make it a breakfast skillet by opting for crumpled bacon as a protein and drop a couple soft boiled or scrambled eggs over the top. Versatile and delicious!

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