Friday, February 17, 2012

The Evolution Of Diet; Primal Eating and Blood Type.

 A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon the family value packs of pork steak on sale at the market and unwilling to pass up on a good deal picked up a package that I placed in the freezer. Needless to say I pulled it out this past Saturday and once thawed I found myself eating pork for four consecutive days.

 As with my previous white potato experiment I quickly crosssed over my pork tipping point and began to feel quite lousy, developed an odd burning rash on my bicep while noticing assorted aches and pains, specifically in my joints. I like pork but acknowledge that it doesn`t always suit my digestion .

 Remembering the claim (Eat Right For Your Type diet by Dr. D'adamo) that chicken was verboten for type B blood types (and coincidently a food I have no appetite for) and suspecting the same for pork I decided to revisit the theories of blood type based diets.

My personal way of eating (WOE) has been a work in progress as I experiment with food in an attempt to figure out MY optimal diet. I am a firm believer in determining the foods that work for YOU and, conversely, the foods that don`t. Over time I have removed, tested and added foodstuffs to my diet in an attempt to fine tune my overall health and fitness. I have also determined that I possess personal "tipping points" for certain problematic foods I best not cross over. I will now add pork to that list.

Having confirmed pork is an "avoid" food for B types out of sheer curiousity I found a Eat Right For Your Type detailed food list online and began to look at it more closely. In essence the diet's concept involves the impact of food lectins(antinutrients) upon specific blood types.......

"...a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the foods you eat......This reaction is caused by a factor called Lectins. Lectins, abundant and diverse proteins found in foods, have agglutinating properties that affect your blood. So when you eat a food containing protein lectins that are incompatible with your blood type antigen, the lectins target an organ or bodily system and begin to agglutinate blood cells in that area...."

                                                                          Dr. Lam      

 Needless to say I noticed that my current Primal based way of eating(based largely upon experimentation and bio feedback) was surprisingly similar to the recomendations of the B blood type diet. Intrigued by the similarities I compared my current diet to both the Alkaline and Eat Right for Your Type lists based upon my current food choices that I consume on a regular basis.

Foods -  (Beneficial/Neutral/Avoid)   - (Acid/Alkaline)
Broccoli - B  - AK                                                  
Cabbage - B  - AK                                                 
Carrots - B - AK                                                    
Celery  -N  - AK                                                           
Mushrooms - N - AK                                                      
Onions - N -AK
Sweet Potato  - B  - AK                                 
White Potato  - N -AK
Spinach - N - AK
Turnip - N -AK
Blueberry - N -AK
Banana - N -?
Beef - N - AC
Pork - A - AC
Mackeral - B - AC
Tuna - N - AC
Butter - N -N
Cheddar - N - AC
Mozzarella - B - AC
Eggs - N - AC
Yogourt -B - AC
Red Wine - ? - AC?
Cream(18-35%MF) - ? - AC?
Coffee - ? - AC?
Tea -   ? - AK/AC?
Peanut Butter - A - AC                                                                     

Juices - I do not drink juices in any quantity on a regular basis.
Grains - I do not eat grains in any quantity on a regular basis.
Legumes - I do not eat legumes in any quantity on a regular basis(other than an occasional spoonful of peanut butter... a guilty pleasure)
Oils - I use butter or coconut oil only.

(Note - I have issues with D'Adamo's status of coconut. I am yet to determine why it is flagged as my research indicates it is relatively lectin free. I'm guessing it is the high saturated fat content but considering the beneficial nature of coconut SFAs maybe this condemnation is unappropriate)

This is essentially my current diet. Since D'Adamo claims type B's are omnivores, are capable of thriving on dairy but require nutritional balance my current primal way of eating seems to mirror this theory. In terms of my acid/alkaline balance it seems to show a good mix of appropriate acid/alkaline forming staples.Let the record show that I have some issues with the science(or lack of) behind both the Eat Right and the Alkaline diet but, to be fair, I left the Paleo camp over dogma based upon nothing but speculation and pseudo science. More importantly I am healthy, happy and  fit.

Going Forward

Always open to another chance to experiment with my way of eating I will start avoiding pork and peanut butter(my two frequent sins) but add in some of the beneficial foods for type B's as long as they fall within my (fermented dairy) Primal approach. Upon surveying the list I found that I already consume most of the beneficial foods for type B but just not with any frequency. As a result I will implement some changes over the short term and see if I notice any improvements.I suppose it is a win win scenaro with the worse case being simply the addition of more variety to my primal based diet.

Meats/Dairy - I have eaten and enjoyed lamb products and goat`s cheese in the past but neither have become true staples simply due to cost. By avoiding pork(steaks, chops, bacon and roast) and scaling back beef purchases I will have some additional monies available to purchase those products on a regular basis.

Fruits - Pineapples and grapes are supposedly beneficial to type Bs. I enjoy fresh pineapple but cost is usually a concern. Canned varieties are an option especially if they do not contain added sugars.That said I  still remain wary of too much fructose in my diet so will limit my use of both fruits.

Seafood - I will also begin eating more salmon.Same drill with salmon as with lamb in that cost is usually the issue as I prefer fresh or frozen fillets over canned varieties. My sardine consumption has decreased substantially since I discovered a local producer of smoked mackeral fillets and prefer it over any canned fish. That said Breisling sardines packed in olive oil are delicious.

Take Away

I can help thinking about my current primal based way of eating and the similarities with the blood type diet. Coincidence or maybe the two do, in fact, compliment each other on some level. Interesting!

Update - Feb 24 12

On the heels of my decision to drop pork from my diet I find this on the blogosphere. I have always wondered about pork's reputation as a "dirty" meat but this is definitely thought provoking.......

"a look at remarkably strong correlations between pork consumption and liver cirrhosis mortality, liver cancer, and multiple sclerosis ....... In Part 2, we looked at omega-6 fats in industrial pork meat and toxins in processed pork products as possible causes......"

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