Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back to Back

The winter season of the ECBHL finished yesterday with a championship win by the Blazers.We got off to a slow start this season but gelled as a squad heading into the playoffs. With solid defense and balanced scoring across the forward lines we dominated our playoff games. Most importantly we got solid goaltending from KW who limited rebounds and subsequent scoring opportunities. When it comes to gym ball hockey that is crucial to success on the smaller surface.

It's been a successful winter of ball hockey for me winning both the Fall and Winter seasons. The body has held up well, specifically the neck and shoulder. I ended up 5th in league scoring for the Winter season and high in playoff scoring(yet to be tabulated). The credit goes to JD who is a talented athlete and makes his line mates better. If you find space and keep your stick on the floor he will get you the ball.

The Spring season begins in two weeks with a new draft so lets see if I can keep the ball rolling.....pardon the pun.

To top off a successful season I was awarded with the MVP award which was a pleasant surprise. I consider it to be a joint award between JD and I as we definitely clicked well as line mates. The interesting thing is we were both drafted on the same team for the Spring season so we may have an opportunity to continue the goal scoring chemistry.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hand and a Half

Unfortunately this is not a post upon medieval bastard swords but rather my possible carpel tunnel syndrome. My symptoms afflicting my dominant right hand have progressively been getting worse. Numb fingers and tingling that runs up my forearm that gets worse at night.
With the numbness I feel like I have only half a hand most days and the feeling of weakness resulting in dropping things.Most annoying.Of late I have been experiencing some swelling on my fingers-especially in the knuckle of my middle finger.

I need to get an actual diagnosis but my visit to the clinic last week saw me leave as the wait list was crazy long.No doubt the result of the Flu season here in Canada. I have to get back to consult a doctor but in the meantime I discovered my archery bracer does keep my wrist in a neutral position while sleeping. I have also begun a regime of alternating heat and cool along with consuming more anti inflamation foods as part of my usual intermittent fasting way of eating.

Alas....the perils of aging.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014