Saturday, August 22, 2015

"In The Woods.....

....there comes a freedom"

Finally had an opportunity to get out to the woods with the long bow to loose some arrows. With much of the summer focused upon my "double" vacation in New Orleans and a Caribbean cruise earlier this month it felt great to decompress in the quiet that is the summer woods.

Since the weather was calling for rain I opted out of my usual Saturday farm work for a vacation/return to work backlog recovery day.Actually slept in till 8 o'clock!!!! The rain held off for the most part but the humidity was close so off to the woods to earn my sweat.

Grabbed my hickory self bow, bamboo arrows and my DIY mosquito spray from the Wiccan bag of essential oils which kept the bloodsuckers at bay.....amazing how well oils work. Todays formulation was heavy on citronella with a little witch hazel, lemongrass, peppermint and tea tree to deter any ticks still hanging out in the coolness of the bush.

Good to see my survival shelter has weathered the elements. Still intact and bone dry but in need of some new shrubbery.

Archery target still there.....I had found some old sheets of heavy felt on the farm and figured it would make a good barrier target. I purposely left it loose between the trees so it was forgiving on my arrows. If they penetrate it is only an inch or two which helps preserve their lifespans.

A couple good hours in the solitude of the woods.Priceless!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Yankee Blue

A month into the 2015 softball season we received our new jerseys. Yankee blue with white numbering and logo they are a definite improvement over our cotton tees.

A full buttoned design made out of a light mesh hard wearing polyester they are cool and non binding. All for $45(Cdn)....taxes included.

As team manager and pitcher I was given number 1, fitting considering I also am a ball hockey goalie in the off season.

The team got off to a rocky start facing the best teams early in the schedule combined with some difficulties fielding a roster due to work and family commitments. I really need to consider recruiting some new full and part time players going forward. That said we are 4-2 over the last 6 games and showing improvement in all facets of the game.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Archery and DIY Bug Repellent

Had a Saturday free so after the morning rains passed I opted to head for the woods to loose some arrows. Truth be told I did have alterior motives....knowing my range is near standing water the mosquitoes are legion and I wanted to further test my DIY bug spray.

Made out of essential oils the concoction of Tea Tree,Rose Geranium, Peppermint and Citronella blended with distilled water is dispensed using a glass spray bottle. It has been successful the last couple weeks against ticks and black flies down on the farm so the question remained whether it was effective against mosquitoes?

Success! As soon as I was on site the mosquitoes began to gather as I geared up my glove and bracer. I sprayed my bare legs, arms and head. Not only did the mosquitoes not land but they ceased to even buzz about. It was only when I removed my leather bracer that a mosquito landed on my unsprayed skin.

A good bug free morning loosing some arrows......priceless.