Sunday, May 01, 2016

Spring Cleaning

May has arrived and so has the time for some Giant TLC . Inflate the tires, degrease and lube the drivetrain, clean the carbon fiber and shiny bits. Love this bike!

No excuses road rocket is ready to fly. Lets hope the rider is as ready.....

Bike love....enjoying a rum in the sunshine admiring my two wheeled mistress.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Strength Training and Archery

Having awoken to a sunny Spring day I opted out of cycling to venture into the woods to loose some arrows. I did have an alterior motive in that I am considering picking up an English longbow. Just not sure what poundage I should get? I want to be challenged but also able to capably draw the bow.

I have a #55 Chinese horse bow that I rarely use anymore as I had struggled with the draw weight the last couple years. That said this winter I rejoined the gym and have begun to strength train to help benefit my other sports; cycling, ball hockey and softball. How would strength gains translate to archery?

The answer was very good. A year ago I struggled to reach my anchor point and fatigued quite quickly using the #55er. Today I easily drew and anchored the bow. Surprised myself at how much improved I was and how strong my upper back, shoulder and left (draw) arm felt.

I will now opt for a heavier poundage when I purchase the longbow, probably in the #55-65 range knowing that my weight training is definitely paying dividends.


For the love of the bow.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rum - Bacardi 8 Year Old

What is that old saying? Give credit where credit is due? In the case of Bacardi`s 8 year old offering this holds true. Listed at $29.99 (CDN) at the local NSLC this is an excellent budget sipper. I have not been a fan of Bacardi`s offerings but decided to  give it a shot (pardon the pun) after reading a review online.

I was impressed at first by the fact it had a cork stopper. I don`t know why but presentation does resonate with me and I really like the idea of rum being corked. It just harkens back, and pays respect to, the days of old. The pop of the cork when opening a bottle is akin to a Pavlovian response whetting one`s anticipation of the first taste.

In the glass it possesses a lovely golden hue and in the mouth a real nice balance. Not too sweet but having a sweetness. Not too (whiskey) smoky but having some oak. Decent finish that is not overpowering.

This was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the 8 year old over ice getting some April Spring sunshine. Yummy.

Rum Fact - The Caribbean is undoubtedly the epicenter of all rum production in the world. Virtually every island there produces its own distinct rum style.