Sunday, April 30, 2006

AMP - done deal!

Well...Mother Nature cooperated and it was a sunny but blustery day for the first race of the season. Here is my post ride report on the club website. Pretty much sums it all up.The pic is one I snapped at the 50 minute mark(ish) of Jose and Tom who went on to place 1st and 2nd for our Cat - Master B.

"...Tough luck for Murray, Kris and Donald who all got caught up in crashes. Fortunately the worse damage was some road rash only......go get em next week at Brooklyn!

My expectations were pretty low. The weather was good but heading into the race I knew I didn`t have much saddle time in the books and last night I had a few too many beers. Yeah...I know. That said it was pretty obvious the pace would be fast with such optimum weather conditions. I started at the back of the peleton and pretty much stayed there for my 16(ish) kilometres of racing, chasing the small pack that dropped off the main peleton. I would catch riders, but then lose riders, get within striking distance of the small pack then loose them on the climbs.That said my average speed was 30.1KPH so that should tell you something about the pace of the race.

Can`t really say what it was like up front but by the 31 minute mark a lone cyclist lapped me...I had to confirm with Norm that he was the leader as I was sure I would get caught by a group of riders. The fact that he broke away alone and, I assume, lapped much of the field was extraordinary.The dude was a beast! Rather than stay riding I opted to retire and quickly got the camera out to grab some photos of the action. At the time of this typing they are being developed....stay tuned to Paceline.

Gotta say the worse thing for me was the fast descent into the hairpin curve.......I wasn`t comfortable until my 4th lap. In hinesight the AMP is a tough race so I`m not disappointed in my performance. It would have been nice to better last year`s result but reap what you sow and my sowing has been scarce

Great efforts by all...especially Jose, Jeanne(she destroyed the ladies field), Tom and Graham. Special mention to Cynthia who, I believe, bettered her result from last year, Murray who arrived at the AMP in great shape and Donald and Kris who accepted their misfortune with grace.

I had to leave during the Seniors race but up to that point Matt W, as the lone BPCC rider, attacked on the 2nd (or 3rd) lap and shattered the field. When I left he was still with the lead pack of 7(ish)`s hoping he managed a good finish. It was a gutsy move that early in the race....well done Matt."

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