Sunday, May 07, 2006

Brooklyn race......done like dinner.

Both the race and my legs! Holy Frig! The weather was and sunny. I actually got a sunburn on my legs from mid thigh to knees and from jersey sleeve to fingertips. If there`s one thing I can take out of the day is an early start on the funky bike tan.LOL.

Essentially I rode with the Master B,C/Junior pack to the last leg of the first lap. Picture the course as a 20 kilometre square....first leg was slightly downhill, second was rolling hills,third was the same and the forth leg began with a nasty climb followed by a series of smaller, but painful, ascents.

OUCH! I`m not a climber and quickly got dropped off the back, along with several other riders, on the first big climb of the last leg. I managed to hook up with 3 other riders for the second lap, dropped two of them on the third lap but was unable to keep up with the remaining rider. I managed to keep him in sight but was experiencing some cramping in my right quad and decided to recover, get some fluids and save something for the last leg.After 10km in to the forth(and last)loop I was feeling better and caught up to a teammate.It was good to see the blue of another BPCC rider and we rode together for awhile. With the hilly section fast approaching I let him go as I opted to drink my last bottle of fluid and recover before the climbs. Once climbing I decided to push myself since the finish was about 10K away but,once again, the right quad started getting cranky which kept me in the saddle for the remaining ascents. I kept Donald in sight though and actually gained on him and another rider on the last climb to the finish. Leaving it all on the bike I sprinted(well...tried anyway) to end my day of suffering.

Final numbers were.....time 2:53:45, distance 85.57 k and average speed 29.5KPH.

Picture is of me, at home, enjoying a recovery drink(wink). It was a hard day that definitely showed what a lack of ride time will do to a fella when you try and ride with the big dogs.

Oh yeah.....hills suck! I don`t mind short steep rollers but I ain`t no mountain goat. So I either lose weight, train more(when?)or move to table top flat Florida.LOL.(wink)

Oh`s all for fun. In a masochistic sense anyway.



The Dickinsons said...

where did they hold this race?

George said...

It`s roughly between Mount Uniacke and Windsor. Steve might recognize it as the old Cyclesmith sponsored race called Big Tide Big Ring.

It`s now put on by Sportwheels based out of Lower Sackville.