Friday, May 26, 2006

An Ebay of Memories

Probably my favorite cycling kit of all time was the former Once pro team apparel. The colors and design have always appealed to me so over the last 4 years I`ve put together a kit through Ebay.

The one piece I was missing was the cycling cap and with the demise of the team I thought I would never have the chance to find one. Turns out I discovered some new(old stock)ones listed upon Ebay and, having placed a bid, won myself an ONCE Eroski cycling cap.

I gotta tell you it was kinda bittersweet. My best buddy in the club died last summer on a Saturday ride and he often wore an ONCE cap under his helmet. A couple months ago his widow asked me if I would pack up his gear as she was selling the house and making a new start. Before long I found the faded, sweat stained hat. It was only an insignificant piece of Garfield`s gear but held immense importance to me. Jane graciously insisted I keep it, along with his last set of BNS race numbers from the 2005 season. She also told me to take whatever I wanted but these two items were treasure enough.

So I`m thinking of Garfield.He was a great guy, the fella who befriended the new guy in the club, and convinced me to start racing. Crikey....I miss the dude!

Pic is Garfield(left)and myself heading out Rocky Lake road in early July 2005, a week before his death. We cycled countless miles side by side.