Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother`s Day

Three different rides scheduled for Sunday, 2 heading to Peggy`s Cove and one doing the Annapolis Valley. Unfortunately my spouse is working a day shift so I`m doing the daddy role. Looks like the weather is gonna be nice(sunny and +16) so I thought we would head to Bridgewater and visit Mom and Nannie.

Alas.......I`ve come down with an annoying cough and some stuffiness so I guess that is out of the question. With Nannie starting to feel better the last thing I need to do is bring a virus down for all to catch.

Ugh........I hate getting sick. This suxs.

Managed to get a ride in today regardless. It was the usual Saturday club ride but since I was feeling peckish I rode with the slower group. Sure felt good to get out in the fresh air. Mind you I feel like I`m gonna cough up a lung tonight.

So I think tomorrow will bring a quiet day soaking up some sun and hanging with the kids. No doubt Princess Chelsea(see pic) will keep me



The Dickinsons said...

Chelsea is really growing up! Are you still planning to post pics from Easter time? I'd love to see them! Hope you feel better soon!

George said...

Yup....I think Monica took the Easter pics in for developing so it`s just a matter of time.

The new place looks awesome. Looks real nice from the pics you posted.

As for Chelsea she is 6 going on 16. My nerves! LOL.

Sara said...

What a cutie...Cari is right she is growing up and growing up fast, I can remember holding her when she was only a few months old!