Thursday, May 04, 2006

The road to Brooklyn

Well......after the hurt of the AMP I`m ramping up for the 2nd race of the season in Brooklyn. 80k race comprising 4 laps of country roads. Rolling hills with a couple steep climbs on the backside of the loop.

Weather forecast is promising.....cloudy with sunny periods and somewhere around 13C. Lets hope it holds true.

I`m not feeling the best. Kinda fatigued all week and it cannot be overtraining as I have tapered down my activity the last couple weeks. Went to a spin class tonight and felt off my usual form. Oh well...hopefully it`s not another flair up of Henleyinitis, that mystery ailment that plagues my siblings and I. Well.....I think I have it as well but am too damn stubborn to keep going back to the doctor for blood work. Essentially it involves low blood platelets, muscular pain/stiffness and fatique.

Alas...this too shall pass. Gonna do the Saturday group ride at a leisurely pace, zoom in my bike fit and get ready to roll on Sunday.




The Dickinsons said...

You must be in pretty great shape George! Have you had your platelets checked lately? I haven't gone in awhile but I'm due to get them checked next month...Oh the fun...Have a great weekend!

George said...

Nope. Not since last August. My scalp has broken out with that stupid red rash that has plagued me for years as well. I`m definitely out of sorts but nothing like a little suffering on the bike to cleanse the body....and soul for that matter.LOL.