Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Night Thoughts

Heading into the long weekend yet looking at a weather forecast that is dreary and wet. Hopefully there will be a lull in the rain so old Georgie boy can get in a bike ride. Not looking good.......rain to the West and South all converging upon the Maritimes.Factor in this nagging cough and tightness in the brochial tract that just won`t quit......ugh!

No matter.......went grocery shopping tonight and stocked the bar fridge with a couple bottles of wine and a few beer(low cal Sterlings...I`m in

Got a couple new books to start....serious stuff about current events. A War Against Truth and Friendly Fire dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan. With the dreary weather I might be in the mood for something less foreboding so I might head to Chapters and pick up a cycling mag and revisit my "delusions of grandeur." I`m such a

C`mon Ivan! Here`s hoping he wins the Giro. Basso all the way! That said I think Jan won the ITT? Good for him!

How bout some pics........A bee visiting my flowers. Monica and I having coffee. The Karate Kid - Josh heading to class.

Enjoy the long weekend be damned!


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