Thursday, June 08, 2006


OK....June is here and so is the awful weather! Been raining for all of June and the forecast for this weekend is.....wait for it.........rain!

The good news is the Provincial road race is on the 18th. What is the chance of having rain wash out 3 weekends in a row? The bad news is I can`t seem to get any saddle time. I know....a feeble excuse not to train in the rain. If anything it is good preparation for potential lousy conditions at the start line. It`s just the two times I crashed my bike were both in wet conditions so I`m just a little timid.Add to that the misery of peering out of rain fogged glasses or having my contacts float on my eyeballs....what a bizarre feeling that is. You 20/20 visioned folk don`t know how lucky you are.

I also got recruited to ride the bike leg of a team triathlon event on July 2nd. The cycling portion is a 20K rolling hill sprint....10K out and 10 K back through Dartmouth. I looked up the results of Team Biome from the 2005 Investor`s Group Triathlon and see that Mike(one of the spin instructors at the gym) nailed the course to give the squad the overall victory in the team event. Swell! He was unable to ride it this year so the lads asked me. Wow....I got some big shoes to fill.

So......I`ve decided that this weekend I will cycle regardless of the weather and, after scoping out the triathlon road course this week, will pre ride it on Monday. I`m kinda looking forward to it to be honest but need to crank up the training for sure.

Didn`t get out to the Monday night crits but did manage to drop by the Cyclesmith Short Track MTB XC series on Tuesday and cheer on some of the lads and lasses. Got some decent shots of the action.

Alas....this too(the rain) shall pass.