Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Monday!

Say What! Monday and the sunshine returned....awesome! I took a vacation day and headed off to the spin class at the gym. Got in an intense 45 minute spin highlighted with some sprints, hill climbs and some core strength work.

After lunch I drove off to Dartmouth to preride the IG triathlon cycling route. I worked pretty hard over the length of the 20 K course. Using Mike`s time and average speed from last year as a benchmark I was curious to see how today`s ride stacked up. I had to substantially slow at a stop sign and a set of lights(trying to time the green)but still managed to pull of about a 36.8 minute ride with an average speed of 33.3 KPH. Not fact I was quite happy with that time considering I was not on a closed course and was within seconds of Mike`s time.

In a few moments I`ll take Josh to karate and while he is in class I`ll cycle the hills of Purcell`s Cove to round out a good sunny training day with some serious hill climbs.

Happy Monday indeed!