Monday, June 26, 2006

Investing in the Road

Monday after a dreadfully wet and rainy weekend...ugh! No bike time for this dude. Managed to get in an intense spin class on Saturday and some weights on Sunday but with the IG Triathlon on Sunday, July 2 I need to get back in the saddle.

Still cloudy outside but at least it is a little brighter. Will I get a chance to get out riding tonight? If not there is the Monday night spin and Cynthia`s class is darn intense. Unless, of course, Josh decides to go to Karate tonight.

The BNS road points series is now updated and I`m currently sitting in 16th place out of a field of 24 Master B licensed riders. My focus now is to get the bike leg of the IG Triathlon team event in the books. Immediately after that event the following weekend is the start of Superweek.....the Wolfville race on July 8 and the Halifax crit on the 9th. The Wolfville course is the hardest in the series, with some nasty climbs and rough pavement. I`m focusing on the crit so may not do Wolfville...I`m not a climber and rough pavement is not my favorite. I`m definitely not a "classics" style of

The Halifax Crit around the Commons is a fast,flat loop so that is definitely suited to my style. I will be working the event as our club is the organizing body for the event but will definitely take the time to ride the Master B race.

Who knows...depending on my childcare issues I may be able to do both but my effort will be saved for the Crit....Wolfville might just end up being a ride for gaining some experience and points. No illusions of a good finish for sure in a race that is best described as one of "attrition". Having missed Yarmouth I sure would like to attend the Nova Scotian version of the "Hell of the North" but discretion is the better half of valor.

Till then it`s the 20 K sprint in the Investor`s Group Triathlon I need to get my head around. No means a big distance but essentially a hammerfest from the start.