Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Road to Riverport

Four days and counting till the Provincial road race in Riverport. The forecast is predicting a hot and sunny weekend so if it holds true it will be ideal conditions. The course is a 28K loop of rolling hills with only one moderate climb but the stretch along the LaHave river can have some nasty head/cross winds. The Master B Cat does 3 laps. This year`s race is the Provincial championship so on the line for the winners of each Cat are official Nova Scotian champion jerseys.(see pic....women`s road and ITT champs from 2005.)

I missed out on last year`s race due to a cracked bottom bracket but was there to grab some photo`s of the squad. My fav......Mrs. Ju in the feedzone handing off a bottle to Cynthia. Priceless!