Sunday, July 02, 2006

IG Triathlon - Team Competition

In ideal weather conditions the IG Triathlon was a great success. An excellent event. Well done.

As part of the Team event I was a third of Team Biome responsible for the cycling leg of the event...a 20K sprint distance.

The lead Team swimmer tagged off to his cyclist about 5 minutes before Jim and I made the transition. I had a decent ride and managed to clock 38:38 for the cycling leg that included the time it took Jim to run from the waters edge to transition and what it took me to run to the mount line.Average speed, according to my cycling computer, was 32.6 kph.

I placed the fastest cycling time of the Team event and Paul did the same for the running leg. As a result we finished first overall in the team event with a time of 1:16:25. The second placed squad finished with 1:18:30.

It was lots of fun and I definitely have the greatest respect for those triathletes who do the entire competition. I find it hard to allocate time to train for one sport let alone three disciplines. Wow!

Pics 1 - Dan, a triathlete who joined our cycling club to work on his cycling skills.
2 - Cynthia, the spouse of a club member and a spin instuctor at the gym.

3 - Team Biome, post race I`ve got my photographer mode turned on trying to capture the action.

4 - My dental hygenist and her husband, both of whom compete in triathlons.