Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Sunday of Contrasts

It has been a Sunday of contrasts. This morning we had an official "unofficial" club ITT. Never having done an individual time trial I was curious to see what it is all about. Wow! It isn`t easy and just zooming in the bike fit with aerobars is difficult even before you start racing. We had 35kph winds which meant a nice tailwind for the first 15 kilometres but quickly resulted in some painful riding on the return trip into Fall River.

That said I managed to do the 30 kilometre ITT in 51:22 which is a shade over 35KPH. Not too bad considering the last 7K felt like I was sitting on a rail. Ouchie.......the tender parts were definitely feeling the effort perched on the nose of the saddle. Given time and practice I could see myself liking the ITT discipline.

This afternoon the club did the Garfield Gilson memorial ride for our deceased comrade who died a year ago today. Like any ride of that nature it brought back both happy and sad memories. I miss you buddy! He would have loved the club ITT this morning.

Pics - Finishing the ITT. Garfield and I. Mid July 2005.