Monday, September 11, 2006

Time Trials and Tribulations

Well.....less than a week away from the Provincial Individual Time Trial held in Centreville.

I`m feeling good, the legs are strong after a summer of cycling and the club`s ITT series of three 30K time trials in August was excellent training. I improved my times as the series progressed and ended up doing the 30K rolling hill course in 50:26.

That said the Master B category has some powerful riders, including at least three clubmates that should place high in the standings.`s all about you, the bike and the course. The Provincial ITT is 40 K so, as much as I feel good after the club series, I need to be cognitive that the additional 10K will make a big difference.

Training and competing with a heart rate monitor was helpful. In the last club ITT I managed to set a personal best while finishing with a heart rate at or below my lactate theshold. That will be the aim on September 17th as well.


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The Dickinsons said...

Good luck! You sound very prepared!