Saturday, October 21, 2006

End of Season Switchover

Well......Fall is an awesome time to cycle here in the Maritimes but effective last week I have started my Sunday afternoon ball hockey. I know....playing ball hockey during ice hockey season? What gives?

I played competitive ball hockey in an assortment of leagues but decided to give it up several years ago but still enjoy the sport. As a result I`ve played indoor ball hockey for many years on Sundays with a bunch of like mined folk. We play in a rec centre/former high school gym so it has the speed of hockey with the smaller confines of a basketball court. As a result it is fast, end to end action.

As a goaltender I use ice hockey gear as we use the orange mylec balls that are darn hard and, depending on the shooter, can pack quite the wallop. It`s gentleman rules with no (purposeful) body contact, slapshots past half court or high sticking but gets quite competitive. The net is a little smaller that regulation ice hockey to compensate for the smaller playing surface and to make it a little easier on us goaltenders. We don`t get much downtime as the action on the court is quite fast and fluid.

I hate missing out on those nice Fall afternoon rides but I certainly get quite a workout after 2 hours of playing nets. As the picture shows I`m pretty much exhausted by the end of the two hours.

The things we do for that endorphin high huh?


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