Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall - crisp and cold(s)?

Ugh....just getting over a late September head cold! I hate being sick. It`s one thing to be dealing with sport related aches and pains but illnesses just sux!

Managed to get in the club ride on Saturday and, unexpectedly, found myself riding with the fast guys. I planned on taking it easy since I felt like a badger was trying to chew it`s way out of my sinuses but the adreneline of the moment got me pysched.

10K into the fast tempo I got dropped after doing a pull......I couldn`t breathe.I hooked up with 2 other guys, blew out copious amounts of mucous (yeah...I know) and got some fluids. Once we reached the Wilson`s Gas Stop and the group reformed after the Fall River Hill I felt better, the crisp air having opened up the lungs.

We headed out to Laurie Park and baxk to Bedford in a spirited paceline. I found my legs and spent much of the return ride on the front. Heading into a small climb about 5 K to go I was second in the paceline behind Matt who was setting a wicked tempo. He wasn`t pulling off and nobody was pulling through so I was between a rock and a hard place. The legs were there but I needed to blast off some "snot rockets" (yeah...I know) and doing that upfront in a paceline was bad karma.

I pulled out and cleared out the sinuses and found myself dropped like a rock off the back of the pack. No worries....I sat up and waited for another dropped rider and we rode in to Bedford together. Overall it was a good day and sure helped clear out the head cold.

Today was the first day of ball hockey. Felt good....the fitness was there from a summer of cycling and the flexibility, core strength and legspeed was there from gymwork. Made a few good saves in net and our side won the day.A good start to the season.

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