Saturday, October 28, 2006

On The Rivet!

Whoa......what a Saturday club ride today! It was brisk this morning with temps around 3C but we still managed a good turnout for late October. The fast group left the shop with about 10 riders and the pace was moderate for the first 3k as the fellas warmed up the legs.

Once over the first set of train tracks on the Rocky Lake road it was as if a light switch was turned on and the pace picked up substantially.We had a good mix of riders all showing good form and keen for race like cycling.Almost immediately we had attacks off the front that kept the pace high as the paceline reeled in the flyers. Heading towards the Fall River Hill I found myself on the front, exactly where I didn`t want to be as the climb approached. Needless to say I drifted off the back with 2 other riders but managed to keep the main group in sight and arrived at the Wilson`s Gas stop shortly thereafter.

The ride out to Laurie Park was brisk and you could just sense the group waiting for the one kilometre to go road sign to signal the sprint to the park`s driveway. I was in a good position at the tail of the paceline, able to see the lads starting to position themselves. Sure enough Dave took off, as usual, followed closely by a couple guys. I immediately responded and went up the outside and caught the early break but as the road pitched upwards the rest of the group came roaring past. Man....some of those dudes can motor. I managed to grab a wheel and reached the park turnoff in 5th place, albeit with my tongue dragging the ground.

Heading back to Bedford we faced a rising headwind but,if anything,the pace increased. A couple riders went off on a break as soon as we left the park and it was fun as the paceline chased them down. That was a sign of things to come. As soon as they were caught another flyer went, once reeled in, someone else went. That was the case right till we left the Rocky Lake road and entered Bedford. I was doing my fair share at the front and,once again,found myself pulling into a climb. Sure enough the pack sprinted past me and I and three others dropped off the back.Once over the ascent we formed up and caught the main pack just over the train tracks that signaled the "start" of the day`s fun. The last 3 k became a punch/counterpunch affair with constant attacks. About 1 k from Canadian Tire I launched my attack but was immediately marked by Peter and then the rest of the group. We entered Bedford together....smiles all around.

I had my camera but the high tempo and the fact I spent much of the ride "on the rivet" I didn`t have chance to get any action shots. I did manage to get some of the fellas at Wilson`s after we reformed following the Fall River Hill climb.

What a, fun, furious and SAFE! Considering the pace everyone rode smart. Hoorah!