Sunday, November 12, 2006

2006 Extra time - Riding into November

Gotta love it! Rememberance Day, Nov 11, was an awesome day.Sunny with double digit temps. Got out on the usual Saturday morning club ride. Paid our respects to the vets with a moment of silence at Laurie Park and also a ride by the Waverley Legion during their(outside)ceremony.

Sunday morning I got in a spin class then went to Seaview Park to take in some of the cyclocross action. Wow! Gotta be impressed with the finesse these guys have to dismount, jump barriers and remount without missing a stride. Real neat to watch such a physically demanding sport. Had the camera so I got some shots of the action.

The hand is healing. Still sore as Hell but getting better. The bruising is gone and the damage by the thumb`s knuckle is scabbed over and more or less bqck to normal. The more serious cut on the pad of the thumb is still open but improving daily. The fact that it reopens as I move the thumb tells me a couple stitches would have been the best option. It will leave a scar but should be in the shape of a smile.Or maybe a


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