Sunday, November 26, 2006

Late season club rides, cowboy adventures and clydesdales.

Saturday was a day of contrasts to say the least. Got in a good "fast group" club ride in sunny but cool temps. I even took some of the advice I have been researching the last couple weeks on developing better climbing techniques to the bike. The climb up the Fall River Hill and the subsequent climbs went better than usual.Just by making small subtle changes in my position, gearing and cadence I got over the hills stronger and in better shape.

Saturday night I attended my spouse`s work Christmas party at Hatfield`s Farm cowboy adventures. They wagon you back into the woods to a mock western village where you eat, drink and make merry. It was a good time but with a "no liquor on the bus ride home" policy it meant you drank all the booze you brought with you or left it behind. Needless to say the head is a little seedy Oh well....this too shall pass, hopefully in time for hockey this afternoon.

It was impressive seeing the big Clydesdales hitched to the wagon. I kinda feel a kinship to the magnificent beasts. They might not be fast but are powerful. They definitely work at lower the wagon was being loaded for the return trip the pair of draft horses were stomping and impatient to get going. Similar to cyclists at the startline of a race anxious to get the commissars briefing done with and the race started.


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